Bikes are like instruments, when finely tuned they can perform an amazing sympthony

of excitment and adrenilne! When out of tune though, they 

can squeel and creak and make your very bones shudder.

Let us here at Visalia Cyclery apply our decades of expirence to service and repair your bike. We will get you back on the road (or off!) and will keep your wheels spinning!

These are just a few of the services we offer!

  • Full Tune Ups

  • Gear Adgustments

  • Brake Adjustments

  • Brake Bleeding

  • Tire Replacments

  • Tube Replacments

  • Wheel trueing

  • Wheel Building

  • Hub Adjustments

  • Hub Overhauls

  • Bottom Bracket Adjustments

  • Bottom Bracket Overhauls

  • Headset Adjustments

  • Headset Overhauls

  • Complete Custom Bike Builds and More!