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SPECIALIZED TURBO TERO Unrivaled Power, Confidence, and Versatility

Tero’s unrivaled power, confidence, and versatility open up whole new landscapes for exploration. Combining rugged mountain bike handling and capability with a Full Power 2.2 motor, Tero gives your legs and heart an intuitive helping hand, empowering you to ride farther, more confidently, and to explore new landscapes.

Stable, Fun, Fast

40 years of building World Championship-winning mountain bikes is threaded into the DNA of every Tero.

Mountain bike handling, maneuverability, and capability work as well on city streets as they do on backcountry trails. An upright riding position places the rider between the wheels for optimum control, resulting in balanced, confidence-inspiring handling regardless of the terrain challenges thrown your way.

Trail-ready and streetwise, componentry you can depend on.

Componentry is tailored to enhance control and confidence. Aggressive but smooth rolling 2.3” Ground Control tires offer ample traction in every situation, SRAM disc brakes deliver substantial braking bite, 110mm of front suspension travel smooths the trail, and a dropper seatpost is there for when you need to really get down in technical off-road situations.

Chop wood, carry water: Haul the goods, stay dry, and look sharp doing it.

Urban riding and functional utility are enhanced with the clean and easy-to-use TCD2 color display, integrated LED lighting, available rack mounts, and DRYTECH fenders.

You can have it all. This is you, only faster.

Whether exploring off the map or hauling the groceries, Tero gives you the power to ride where you want, how you want, without limitations.

Tero’s Full Power 2.2 motor is one of the most powerful and intuitive assists on the market. Effectively tripling your own power, it cranks out enough wattage to make short work of the steepest climbs and has enough muscle to let you carry an additional 27kg of adventure gear, groceries, kids, and daydreams without breaking a sweat.

Tero’s MasterMind TCD controller is the brains of the bike. Fully tunable from the cockpit, it ensures silky smooth translation of your efforts, and Tero can find traction in situations that would have other bikes spinning out or abruptly asserting too much power at just the wrong moment. Tero gives you power with total control and absolute confidence. Nothing else feels this natural.

Mated with a removable 710Wh battery, the 2.2 motor can power Tero all the way over the horizon and back again, and the system can fully recharge from depleted in as little as four hours. The MasterMind controller precisely meters output and power levels can be fine-tuned from the handlebar—maximizing your range and ride time. Now, those out-of-reach destinations are attainable, those long days in the saddle are shorter, and those far horizons are just that much closer.

Part Mountain Goat, Part Getaway Vehicle, Part Freight Train

One bike for all seasons, all terrain, all purposes. The confident off-road manners that make Tero such a fun trail bike—accurate steering, stable handling, smooth-riding—also make it a perfect platform for loading up and hitting the road.

Peace of Mind, Wherever You Go

Anti-theft features and connectivity collaborate to keep your investment safe.

Designed specifically just to make bike thieves miserable, Tero’s System Lock—accessed conveniently via the Mission Control app—disables the bike’s motor and activates a motion sensor alarm.

The battery can be removed from the bike, rendering the motor unusable (and you can use it to charge your devices, too!).

Ride Into the Future Now

You and your bike both become better over time.

Mission Control allows you to tailor Tero’s power output levels to your desired preference, and MasterMind’s MicroTune function can further fine-tune power output levels in 10% increments. This gives you exactly the oomph you need to crest that super steep hill or load one more kid into the trailer and go.

SMART CONTROL mode allows you to set goals in one of three categories—distance, ride duration, or a target heart rate—then automatically adjusts the amount of electric assist available in real-time dependent upon rider needs. An integrated Turbo Range Calculator assesses power use and battery charge level and informs you of available range.

Mission Control enables over-the-air firmware updates, implementing changes and adding features as Specialized continues to evolve the system, meaning that Tero’s performance and functionality improve and evolve over time. Motor and battery diagnostics can be performed and reported through Mission Control—they can monitor and troubleshoot motor and battery issues over the air. 

Turbo Tero