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Our Service Department

Bikes are like instruments, when finely tuned they can perform an amazing symphony of excitement and adrenaline! When out of tune though, they can sequel and creak and make your very bones shudder. Let us here at Visalia Cyclery apply our decades of experience to service and repair your bike. We will get you back on the road (or off!) and will keep your wheels spinning!

These are just a few of the services we offer!

Our Packages

Call in or bring your bike by for a custom estimate.

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Carbon Package

  • Complete Rebuild. We’ll disassemble your bike down to the frame and rebuild it with new parts! A wonderful fresh start for your favorite ride, ask us for details!

Titanium Package

  • New Bike Feel. Complete overhaul of your bike plus we’ll outfit it with new rubber and grips. We’ll give new life to your bike to keep you rolling with ease.

Aluminum Package

  • Annual Service. Keeping your bike in top shape is what we do. Let’s keep your bike in perfect health with this service. We’ll clean it, lube it, adjust it, and return it ready for the road!

Steel Package

  • Basic Tune-Up Service. This service will make your bike right. We’ll adjust your gears, brakes, wheels and much more to give you a bike that will ride as it should.

Paceliner Package

  • Safety Check Over. Not sure what’s wrong with your bike or if it’s safe? Let us take a look and tighten everything down and make sure things are secure. This is a great value to let us look at it and evaluate any additional service it might need.

Additional Bike Repair Services

Additional Services

  • Tube & Tire Installs
  • Gear Adjustments
  • Brake Adjustments
  • Brake Bleeding
  • Wheel Truing
  • Wheel Building
  • Hub Adjustments
  • Hub Overhauls
  • Bottom Bracket Adjustments
  • Bottom Bracket Overhauls
  • Headset Adjustments
  • Headset Overhauls
  • Chain Waxing
  • Bike Assemblies
  • Bike Sizing & Fitting
  • Complete Custom Bike Builds and More!

Bikes are Investments

Taking care of your bike can be a daunting task and often intimidating. Our staff has decades of experience in finely tuning and adjusting bikes of all types to make them ride perfect. Let the VC CREW take care of all your riding needs and call now to schedule an appointment!