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Riding for 24 hours raising awareness and setting a new world record!


I'm Jesse Purves - an 8 year Infantry veteran who's now managing the very shop I grew up visiting as a child. After accumulating 22 months of combat in both Iraq & Afghanistan, the struggles of PTSD have become an aspect of my daily life. Learning to cope with these struggles has been key to survival. The peace and healing I've found through cycling has been life changing, and is something I hope to pass on to veterans everywhere - especially knowing that an average of 22 veterans commit suicide every single day.

Endurance activities have always called my name, yet due to injuries and limitations received while deployed, my body is often unable to keep up with my ambitions. The power of pedal assist e-bikes has increased my capabilities on ultradistance rides, so with the power of the Specialized Turbo Creo SL, and your support, I hope to ride for 24hrs straight and raise support and awareness to help veterans in need. 22/Day is 22 too many - together we fight against this statistic.

MARCH 24-25

On average 22 veterans commit suicide every single day. Simply put, during this ride 22 men and women who sacrificed for their country will end their lives due to the mental struggles and wounds they carry. These heroes need the support of their community and I wish to bring awareness of this issue to as many people as I can. It is my hope that more veterans will turn to cycling and find the peace and healing I have found riding.

Starting mid day from Ft. Irwin CA I'll ride southeast towards Phoenix for a total of 24 hours, stopping at hour 22 to pay respects for veterans who are no longer with us. Approximately every 2 hours I'll swap out bikes/batteries and continue on, attempting to maintain a 20+ mph for 24 hours straight. My sag team traveling along will assist with equipment, food, nutrition, and navigation. Currently there is a record of 391mi in 24hrs in a closed race track - and I intend to beat it by over 50+ miles on the open road.

Pushing the limits of TURBO

While raising PTSD awareness and support is a big focus of this trip, there are many more reasons for this adventure. I believe in the future of electric bicycles. Specialized Bicycles have set the standards for what pedal assist e-bikes should be. I want to show people just what can be achieved with the assistance of electric technology. I intend to push not only my own limits but the limits of e-bikes, showing the amazing potential that exists with just the turn of a pedal. I may only be an average rider, but with a Specialized Turbo, I can achieve the unattainable,  becoming a faster, more capable me.


This is a passion project, birthed from a desire to give veterans hope. We can't do it alone, so we're asking you for the following: 

  • Monetary donations. Our team of 6 will be traveling in a rented RV and we'll need to cover our travel expenses, gas, food, equipment, and Guinness record fees given the opportunity. A lot of this mission we are fronting the costs ourselves but we need help. All proceeds above our costs will be donated to The Mighty Oak Foundation to support their mission to support and give back to veterans.

  • Equipment. There is a lot of specialty equipment that is going to be needed to pull of this feat! If your brand has clothing, bike supplies, nutrition, etc. that you would like to donate please contact us to discuss product fit. 

  • Media exposure. While money and equipment are the necessary tools to be successful, ultimately the message of hope and awareness is our #1 goal. If you have ties with editorial publications, news organizations, or social media followings that you would be willing to help us spread this awareness please let us know!




Jesse Purves - Rider

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Nathan Bruno - Team Mechanic

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Peter Amend - Team Photographer 

Katie Purves - SAG Captain

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Kyle Shore - Team SAG/Motivator

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Nash Jacquez - Team SAG/Social Media

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Please consider giving to our mission. We can't do it without your help.

Interested in your brand or company officially sponsoring our mission with Equipment or Monetary Sponsorships?

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